Bamboo Cutlery Set with Cotton Case
Bamboo Cutlery Set with Cotton Case

Bamboo Cutlery Set with Cotton Case

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Eco friendly and sustainable to the environment. This lovely and stylish light weight cutlery set fits perfectly in your bag and on the go.


1 x Bamboo Spoon

1X Bamboo Folk

1X Bamboo Knife


The HippieStraw Favourite Set

This beautifully crafted cutlery set is designed specially to replace single use on plastic cutlery when eating out, getting take aways or on a picnic.

They are washable, light and durable.

Why Bamboo?

The HippieStraw have chosen bamboo cutlery because of its environmentally friendly quality. It is renewable resource and it is some of the fastest-growing plants in the world.

Pesticides and other chemicals dont need to be used while cultivating bamboo making it more eco friendly.

Bamboo is also better for the air. It produces more oxygen and absorbs more carbon dioxide than trees, which means that each and every bamboo shoot is doing its part to combat climate change.