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RAINBOW Bubble Tea / Boba Reusable Straw with HIPPIESTRAW Wooden Case

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Bubble Tea Lovers and Eco Warriors!.

The most awesome and stylish bubble tea reusable straw you will ever own! 

Instead of a regular end straw, our unique RAINBOW bubble tea straw comes with a SHARP END. This means that you can easily poke through the plastic seal of your favourite bubble tea with no trouble! 

Our rainbow reusable bubble tea straw comes with a unique HippieStraw wooden case to keep your straw, clean, dry and safe. An on the go essential for any bubble tea lovers.

1 Rainbow Bubble Tea Straw
21.5cm high x 1.25cm wide 
1 HippieStraw Wooden Case
HippieStraw stainless steel straws are made from type 304 food safe stainless steel, made to last for a long time.
We only work with 18/8 stainless steel, meaning our straws are of premium quality grade.
They are dishwasher safe as the colour won't fade.